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Queen Nefertiti Scan


Apparently some (rather naughty) people  went in and scanned the contested Egyptian Queen Nefertiti bust at the Nues Museum in Berlin without their permission.

I guess you could say they stole it just by ‘looking’ at it. Hehehehe………sorry.

The high resolution model (around two million polygons) is freely available to download here (.obj).

Rendered with Arnold using the alSurface shader.

More information about the story is available here.
Thanks to Ben Fischler for the link.

Speckle Effect

speckle-shader.jpg closeup.jpg


How to achieve a specular speckle effect (see video below)? This effect is visible in various places such as car paints, plastic coatings on mobile phones, christmas ornaments, snow etc.


It can quite easily be achieved using the alShaders by Anders Langlands. In particular the alFlake shader is required. You need to connect it to the alSurface shader’s Specular Normal attribute.



You can download the shader here – Maya, C4D.

GGX Microfacet Distribution

I thought I would have a go at comparing the new ‘GGX’ Specular attribute in Arnold against ‘Beckmann’ (default).

“GGX is a microfacet distribution. It has a sharper peak and a larger tail than Beckmann. GGX is suitable for modeling light reflection from surfaces more realistically.”

It seems to give a subtle softer highlight that falls off more gradually. The effect seems more obvious on the brighter specular highlights on the metallic surfaces below.