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If you haven’t done so already, I seriously recommend you check out the work of Oyonale. A true hero of mine and a huge inspiration.

His variations series of images are amazing.

Its incredible how much he has achieved during the 90’s/ early 2000’s and how far ahead of the game he was and I think a lot of his work still holds up today. I don’t know what he is doing today, but I know I would love to see more work from him.

Even more incredible is computer graphics was a hobby for him and his day job doesn’t involve graphics at all!

This blog entry is also great and he also has a great photographic eye.

A true master of his craft.

Digital Emily: alSurface SSS test (Directional vs Cubic).

This is my first test render using the Emily model provided by The Wikihuman Project. The model is based on Actress Emily O’Brien (sorry Emily).

I wanted to test the different SSS types of Anders Langland’s alSurface shader with Arnold. Below you can see the difference when rendering with the SSS modes – Cubic and Directional. I think Directional looks better as it has less of a ‘waxy’ appearance.

Cubic SSS
Directional SSS

And here is a gif which shows more clearly the difference in the SSS types.