Speckle Effect

speckle-shader.jpg closeup.jpg


How to achieve a specular speckle effect (see video below)? This effect is visible in various places such as car paints, plastic coatings on mobile phones, christmas ornaments, snow etc.


It can quite easily be achieved using the alShaders by Anders Langlands. In particular the alFlake shader is required. You need to connect it to the alSurface shader’s Specular Normal attribute.



You can download the shader here – Maya, C4D.

7 thoughts on “Speckle Effect

  1. Great! I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a metallic flake paint shader. Although the link you have to download this shader for c4d doesn’t work anymore. Thanks for all the info, learning so much from what you have on this site!

    1. Also, I did manage to make my own. But it’s probably terribly inefficient, I’d be curious to see how it compares to the one you made!

  2. Hello Lee, thanks for the nice tutorial, as always.

    Is it possible to upload the maya scene? seems like the link is down.


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