Arnold for Maya 2017

Very excited to see Arnold for Maya as the default renderer for Maya 2017.

More information about some of the considerations required when using Maya’s native Color Management and Auto TX can be found here. The release notes are also available here.

More information is available on Autodesk’s official FAQ document.

Below is a video that briefly demonstrates Arnold in Maya 2017 that I contributed to.

5 thoughts on “Arnold for Maya 2017

  1. Hello Lee.
    Fantastic work!
    I was reading up on your alShaders materials work but I wasn’t able to download the examples. Is the link still available?
    I am coming from Vray and wanted to check out for metallic carpaint shaders using alShaders.
    Would love if you could send me a link or post here for others also.

    1. Thanks Ro. Have you downloaded the alshaders? They used to come with some templates in the attribute editor that included metallic car paint. I will check and see if they are still there.

      1. Hey Lee,
        Thank you. I haven’t installed them yet into Maya 2017. I will do so later tonight I wasn’t aware of the templates. Thanks for that inside info and I will be sure to check later tonight for them

      2. Hello again Lee.
        I’ve downloaded the shaders and installed them.. but It does not seem to have those example shaders in the template/presets button in the attrivute editor.
        Would you happen to have these handy?

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