Hotkey Editor Maya 2016

While I appreciate the functionality of the new Hotkey Editor in Maya 2016, I feel it could be improved. My main bugbears with it are:

  • It takes far too long to open, much like the new Hypershade window.
  • Its far too large and cannot even fit on my screen at lower resolutions.


  • It cannot be resized.
  • Changing the ‘Search By’ menu loses your hotkey so you have to add it again.
  • No option to change a hotkey when creating a new Runtime Command (have to search for it afterwards).
  • Can’t save settings for the window itself, so I have to keep changing the ‘Search by’ to Hotkeys every and ‘Keyboard’ to ‘Runtime Commands’ every time I use it.
  • Im also getting lots of issues with having to press keys twice to get them to work (a conflict somewhere), but that’s another issue.
  • It has a super ugly pop up window after saving a Runtime Command that has to be clicked on, which is almost as annoying as this window that I seem to see every time I open a scene and that interrupts everything.


Anyway I mocked up a couple of ways to improve the look and feel of the window. Rant over 🙂