Maya attribute editor

After admiring Maya 2016’s new cleaner look recently, I realised there is a lot of wasted space at the top of the attribute editor. I was thinking it could do with a rethink/ redesign considering its pretty much been like this since version 1. Any thoughts? Am I completely insane?


The proposed layout below. Shift the buttons to the top menu making space for preview icon on the left.


2 thoughts on “Maya attribute editor

  1. If only that was the only thing that needs redesign in Maya…
    But it’s true that 2016’s new UI is a good step forward.

    I think your proposition is valid, but if you try to add the light shape (SpotLight) icon as well, it might get a bit crammed… Since it’s the only light to have that though, maybe that should be elsewhere…

    What would be awesome in my opinion, would be the ability to show/hide the tabs you don’t want in the attribute editor, just like in the channels editor.

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