XGen Cube Archive

It really is incredible how easy it is to create complex scenes with XGen in combination with Maya to Arnold. Here are a few tests that I have rendered recently using nothing but a beveled cube as the primitve archive. A tutorial that goes through the process can be found here. 

Featured on:  3dtotal.com, Behance.


super-hexagon-HD (1) xgen-mesh-light-HD 4k XGen-cubes-cliff-4k XGen-cubes-inca-3k XGen-gravel-3k XGen-SA-disk-3k XGen-wave XGen-swirl-cubes-4k XGen-landscape2-3k XGen-floppy-disk-3k XGen-dem-map-2k XGen-curve-beach-pattern-3k XGen-cubes-landscape-3k floppy disk-maya


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